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We are Hospital Network Providers and we secure you a direct contract with our MSO so you can send your urine, blood and pgx specimens to our designated hospital lab to now earn a highly profitable new stream of revenue. We want more Medical Clinics, Rehab Centers, POL's, and Lab’s to join our network. We contract you to be apart of our MSO so you can get paid for your tests legally. There are only limited number of hospital network contracts until the hospital reaches full capacity for testing, so if your interested hurry to utilize this opportunity!

How It Works




Join MSO


Send your specimens to designated hospital lab


Start being reimbursed legally at hospital rates for your specimens weekly

Maximize Out of Network Reimbursement

Our team are seasoned veterans when it comes to collecting and maximizing out of network payments. When it comes to your out of network billed out claims the industry average reimbursement is 22% we exceed and have on many cases brought that percentage to 90%. There are more out of network claims being sent out to insurance companies every year that means more strategies for insurance companies to avoid payment, our healthcare attorneys know there every move and can collect what is rightfully owed to you quickly and without lawsuits. Hospital Network Providers will help you increase revenue by avoiding underpayments from these insurance companies. We provide the determination and assistance needed to collect and increase out of network reimbursement. Our company understands the hidden secrets that insurance companies use in order to lessen the reimbursement to you as the provider, we have the solution to finally get the money that’s owed to you.

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